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Oral Care Brands: Opportunity in the Chinese Social Commerce Surge

On August 16, the China Oral Care Association released the “Oral Care Industry Briefing from January to July 2023”, which disclosed the online retail trend of the oral care industry from January to July 2023. During this period, key e-commerce platforms reached a sales volume of US$1.77b or CN¥12.9b, a year-on-year growth of 3.9%.

With the increased awareness of oral health, more and more people are willing to spend money on oral care products. Especially with the end of the pandemic and young people taking off their masks, there’s been a significant surge in the demand for oral care products, revealing the sector’s potential.

  • Sales Reach US$1.77b or CN¥12.9b, YoY Growth of 3.9%

Platforms like TikTok (Douyin in China) and Kuaishou are the major contributors.

According to the report, from January to July 2023, the total online retail sales of oral care products on major e-commerce platforms (including Tmall,, Douyin, Kuaishou, Tao Fresh, Gome, Suning, Sephora, Koala, Jumei, and Sunrise Duty Free) reached CN¥12.9b, a YoY growth of 3.9%.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the internet, traditional e-commerce and social commerce platforms have become essential sales channels for oral care products. The report suggests that Douyin and Kuaishou are the fastest-growing channels, with growth rates exceeding 60% and 50%, respectively.

On Douyin, the hashtag “#OralCare” has been viewed over 1.18 billion times, “#Toothpaste” has reached 12.6 billion views, and “#ToothpasteRecommendations” exceeded 1.68 billion views. Products like Minty Baking Soda Toothpaste, Sensitive Toothpaste, and Bee Venom Toothpaste have all achieved sales of over a million Yuan. (Data collected on Aug 28).

  • Toothpaste and Tooth Powder are the “Main Forces”

The sale of mouth sprays has seen a decline of 18.2%.

Given the increasing attention to oral health, the scale of China’s oral care market continues to grow. JD’s report indicates that there are currently 710 million people in China with oral issues, and by 2023, the scale of China’s oral care market is expected to reach US$17.6b or CN¥128.5b, accounting for one-third of the global market.

Toothpaste and tooth powder are the leading product categories, with a YoY growth of 9.8% from January to July 2023, capturing 44.3% of the market share. The top five brands in this category are Yunnan Baiyao, Colgate, Crest, Sensodyne, and Shuke, accounting for 11.6%, 7.9%, 6.7%, 5.9%, and 4.9% of the online retail market, respectively.

  • Product Upgrades Toward Cosmetic Trends

Individualization becomes a “selling point.”

With the evolving market demand, oral care products are expanding. Product categories are moving toward diversification, premiumization, and aesthetic trends.

Brands are innovating their traditional products in terms of ingredients, packaging, efficacy, and experience, resulting in the introduction of new concepts and forms. There’s an increasing emphasis on the aesthetic value of products, introducing personalized packaging. Product forms are also evolving from pastes to powders, blocks, mousses, bubbles, capsules, and teeth cleaning pens. Ingredients now include probiotics, amino acids, enzymes, and bezoar.

  • Unlock Potential in China’s Oral Care Market

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