China’s Pet Economy Has Continued to Expand

👉 China’s young people are increasingly displaying less interest in traditional marriages and childbirths, with a higher inclination towards pet ownership for emotional comfort. In 2022, investments were poured into the pet vertical for 30+ cases, adding up to 2.215 billion yuan. These investments included, among other things, pet food, pet medical care, pet travel, pet cleaning, pet funerals, pet insurance, and pet supplies.

👉 iResearch’s recent “2022–2023 China Pet Industry Development and Consumer Research Report” reveals that the pet economy industry in China was valued at 493.6 billion yuan in 2022, with an estimated value of 811.4 billion yuan expected by 2025.

👉 Nutro, a renowned U.S. pet brand from Mars, launched in China in 2021 and Douyin was their primary platform. They combined content marketing and their advanced pet nutrition ideology to spread the brand’s message, drive sale and generate growth even during the pandemic. In particular, their top product, Perfect Portion, sold more than 100K units on Douyin.






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